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You are Better than you Think

You are better than you think

We could apply this belief to our worth.

We all feel insecure in certain areas. In all stages of life, there are things you don't feel like you are fully ready for, especially if you long for growth and progress.

Doubt could be loud when the way forward is dark and noisy. People could tell you discouraging words.

Oftentimes, we are better than we think.

You are valuable regardless of what you do. Take heart, don't be discourage and keep matching forward.

We could also apply this belief to our states of mind.

The world is not an ideal place. We have struggles and hardships every day. Things won't always go exactly as we want.

Those sad and discouraging events, family upbringing, or other external factors could distract or even trap us from seeing clearly.

Again, we are most likely in a better state than we think.

Our thoughts and emotions feel real, but they don't always represent the realities.

Thanksgiving allows us to see through the fog and be rooted in a sound and open mind to observe and reflect.

It doesn't mean we ignore the shortcomings, weaknesses, tragedies, and mistakes, but we get to be content with who we are, what we have, and how far we have gone through, which shifts our perspective to focus on the controllable let go of the uncontrollable.

Start your day with thanksgiving and carry on with better thinking!

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