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[Tools and Books] Journey to Authenticity

And multiple experiments have shown that when experts express doubt, they become more persuasive. When someone knowledgeable admits uncertainty, it surprises people, and they end up paying more attention to the substance of the argument. - Brené Brown

Being authentic to yourself, especially when you are in doubt and around those who don't value that characteristic can be scary and frustrating. The world is in no lack of judgments and people are more careless to regard their opinions as "truth". It is not easy to be authentic.


Thankfully, there are experts who advocate and educate the crowd to be authentic and emotionally healthy. Here are some of my learnings:

It all starts with knowing yourself.

If we don't know who we are, how we normally operate and respond to our environments, we won't know what does my true self looks like?"

Keep a reflection journal. Check-in at least once a week if not a day to review what had happened. Write down memorable events and what were the corresponding feelings evolved.

What do those reactions, responses, feelings mean?

There is a great book by Brené Brown called "Atlas of the Heart".

It is a dictionary of different emotions which teaches you each of their nuances. I treat it like a real dictionary -- I don't just read it once but continuously revisit it when you need to.

It helps me to identify what those feelings actually mean and how can I befriend them.

Remain yourself (when you don't feel like to)

There are tools out there that help you to be you when you don't feel like it.

RARE Leadership by Marcus Warner and Jim Wilder shares practical tips to maintain your heart at a good place.

If you want a brief intro to this book, check out my book summary.

There is a version that specifically talks about applying those RARE skills in the workplace as well.

Rare Leadership in the Workplace

I hope these tools are helpful to you as they are very helpful to me in my emotional health journey.

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