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The Journey is the Big Thing

The media and economy encourage innovation, and sometimes invention could be interpreted as working on the next big thing.

The big thing needs to be unprecedented, a one thing wonder, a trillion-dollar business idea.

It could be anything but the last thing, or is it?

From an outside perspective, the big thing (e.g., the event, the book, the company -- the success incident) happens at night. On the other hand, from an inside perspective, it is sticking to the "Big Thing" -- the consistent innovation process (e.g., writing, coding, or creating every day) that incubates you as the innovator.

Failure is inevitable in the process. Some things don't work. But one day, one of the chances would be impactful.

The trap for many people is that they stop when something has gone big -- they stop innovating and lose their consistency.

There is nothing wrong with pursuing a one-time success if that is what you are after.

However, if you want to be an innovator, be obsessed with the process of creating.

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