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The First Step of Cure

It is not fear that stops you from doing the brave and true things in your daily life. Rather, the porblem is avoidance. - Dr. Harriet Lerner

Time is never the sole ingredient to emotional health. Many think our pains and anxieties will go away if we wait long enough, yet if we only put them aside without recognizing or even "be-friending" them, we will end up getting stuck.

The most horrible thing is we think we are moving forward.

According to Brené Brown, avoidance is a coping strategy for anxiety. When we avoid, we "don't show up and often spend a lot of energy zigzagging around and away from that thing which already feels like it's consuming us."

Healing and growth require intentional efforts to "that" thing. Coping with the pain from the wounds only prolongs your journey to wholeness. It takes courage and humility to admit and embrace our pasts, acknowledge our feelings, and be aware of our thought patterns. Only then do we get to step into the path of cure.

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