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Pain with a Purpose

Pain is lucrative if we see it rightly. Please don't waste it.

Not all pains are necessary, but they could all be meaningful.

To mine gold, dirt needs to be removed.

To eradicate cancer, one needs to go through a painful recovery process.

To get better at something, going through a "sucky" stage is required.

To gain more muscle masses, some tissues get to be tore.

If we could see the purposes behind pain, we can develop a thicker skin and a different perspective on the journey.

We can courageously walk through our past and face the uncertain future, knowing we will gain deeper healing, relationship, insight, growth, skill, or impact.

Be careful not to pursue pain just for the sake of it. Digging out dirt alone won't get any gold out, but if we are mentally and emotionally prepared, we will not miss them when they appear.

Keep a journal to identify the golds on your journey — what have you learned in your past day or week.

Extract, articulate, and express what you learned, so it is not only helping yourself but also the people around you.

We all experienced and carried something unique and helpful to someone, and we get to be a blessing when we learned and grew from our good and bad experiences.

That alone gives our pain a purpose.

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