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Compound Yourself

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Compounding doesn't only work on wealth. It works in all aspects of life.

We all have experiences to learn from, either yours or others. Listen, read, observe... a little deeper, and sometimes you will find threads that connect to seemingly unrelated subjects, like a lesson learned from your workplace interaction might teach you to be a better communicator with your partner.

Slow down, reflect, and think.

We often wrap ourselves with noisy activities around us to cover the noise within us.

Remove distractions. Search your soul. Seek your heart -- So that you can quiet yourself.

Detoxify brain trash. Embrace thanksgiving. Expand your mind. Deepen your thoughts.

Breathe in... Breathe out...

Don't settle with just an experience or even a piece of knowledge. Establish it as wisdom in you.

Wisdom engraved in your being can compound many areas of life.

If you grow 1% every day, you will be at least 37 times better in a year. 37 TIMES!

Who will you become if you decide to compound yourself every day?

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