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Accountability is not a Buzzword, It's Hard work.

Accountability is only useful when we let people see our bad days and have an open ear to listen.

Selective accountability — that we only allow certain opinions to come in is more toxic and deceptive than no accountability because we feel good about the feedback we get to hide what we need to work on.

Good accountability requires trust in the relationships, a vulnerable heart to receive, courage to say with love, and the right culture and protocols to nourish the communication.

As receivers of the accountability relationship, when loving but painful words came from our loved ones, we get to check our hearts honestly and give the words or person their benefits of the doubts before shooting them down by "discernment" or because of "misunderstanding".

As givers of the words, although there is no perfect timing to offer honest feedback, we get to be more sensitive to choose a better scenario and states of mind for both parties to deliver. The goal is to encourage and support your partner, friend, or colleague, not crush them.

Accountability is not a Buzzword. It's hard work. It's helpful.

We could do better in forming a supportive system for ourselves and others.

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